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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Cheff Gravy Cheff Cheffin

Name: The Gravy Cheff

I am the Gravy Cheff, I learned to cook from watching the travel channel (man vs. food) and hands on experience. I got the munchies for classic and new flavors. Do you have the munchies for Music like I do? Well come on down and get your fix with some fine gravy. We got hot gravy, cold gravy, stinky gravy, dry gravy, wet gravy, even hairy gravy.... SO. Be on the hunt for the many Culinary Stylings of your neighborhood peeping tom, The Gravy Cheff.

Heres a free sample of One of my more famous entrées.

Also Keep your eyes open for my new Apprenticeship Cheff "Grits" and our debut 4 course meal simply named "Grits and Gravy".


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Hell yeah Chef

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